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Nikki Horowitz is a versatile Freelance Creative, Line Producer, and Production Manager who jumps into every project headfirst. Some of Nikki's most memorable projects include producing a DOVE campaign centered around empowering women and self-love during the pandemic, a 3-part series for VANITY FAIR about the problems plaguing Hollywood, and an indie short film about female identity titled HEY GIRL.

Prior to joining the freelance world, Nikki was the Head of Production at Coed Studios, a Brooklyn-based content studio specializing in branded content and commercials. Nikki led production operations from bidding and creative development through live-action production.


Nikki's recent clients include P&G (Crest), Unilever (Dove), Pfizer, Amazon Studios, ABC’s The Bachelorette, NBCUniversal, Saatchi & Saatchi, Vanity Fair, & Frito-Lay.

Nikki is a native New Yorker and a 2016 BFA graduate of the University of Michigan. Nikki enjoys spending time with spreadsheets, mescal margaritas, and her cat, Monterey Jack.



Blue Skies


Leadership & communication to large teams 

Creative problem solving

Line Producing & Production Management

US & foreign production budgeting (HotBudget & SHOWBIZ)

PROFICIENT IN Google Drive & Adobe design

Client management 

Cat mom to an orange tabby named Monterey Jack

Nature lover & plant collector

CONTACT  |  631.935.4984
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